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DianDian5.com (including the PC side DianDian5.com, WAP, APP, applet, forum, etc., the following or "platform") is a comprehensive platform for foreign trade services for foreign trade practitioners constructed by a point foreign trade technology. This agreement contains the terms involved in the use of diandian5.com related services between users (following or "you").

This user agreement mainly includes the following content:

1. Special reminder

2. Registration clause

3use terms

4. expense description

5. Service suspension or termination

6. Disputes and complaint handling

7. Responsibility statement

8. Intellectual property

9. Data security protection

10. Application, jurisdiction and others

1. Special reminder:

1. This agreement has explained the terms that may have a significant relationship with your rights and interests. You should read it carefully. Once you visit the content or registered user of this site, it means that you have read, understand and agree with this agreement.

2. Due to the high -speed development of the Internet, the terms of this agreement cannot be fully listed and covering all the rights and obligations between you and us. The existing agreement cannot guarantee the needs of future development. Therefore, diandian5.com has published or issued various rules, service descriptions, and privacy policies that may be published in the form of announcement, notifications, etc. (hereinafter referred to The text has the same legal effect.

3. The individual terms of this agreement may be adjusted from time to time according to business needs. Once the content of the terms changes, we will remind you to pay attention to the updated content by issuing updated versions on our diandian5.com or announced in other ways. Please check the latest "User Agreement" in time. In the foregoing, if you continue to use and accept our services, you should be deemed to read, understand, and accept the modified agreement content; if you do not agree with the modified agreement content, you should stop using related services.

4. You agree that this agreement and related rules include but are not limited to: A. When you prompt the registration page, fill in the information, read and agree to this agreement, and complete the account registration procedure; b. After that, activate the account according to the email prompt; Other ways equivalent to consent indicate acceptance; e. After this agreement and related rules are updated, you click to agree or continue to use related services; f. The way to recognize.

2. Registration clause

1. The registered users of this platform should be a natural person, legal person and other organizations who have full civil behavior and can independently bear legal responsibility. If you do not have this qualification, please do not register or use this platform, which causes all the consequences to be borne by you and your guardian.

2. This platform prohibits those natural persons, legal persons and other organizations who are closed or terminated by DianDian5.com to register or use DianDian5.com related services again.

3. You should provide a real, accurate, complete, legal and effective registration information, including your name or name, contact address, contact phone number, email address, certificate information, etc., and update in time when the registration information changes.

Please note that diandian5.com will send the email address bound to your account when you register (if you revise the email address submitted at the original registration after registering, the new email address is subject to When the email receiving system is deemed to be delivered.

4. You will get a user account and password after the registration is completed. You should keep the password properly, and the losses caused by poor storage are borne by yourself.

5. Your user name, avatar, profile, etc. need to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and platform related rules, meet the public order, good customs and social morality, and will not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of other third parties.

6. You understand and agree, diandian5.com does not accept any platform operator and its agents who have a competitive relationship between the same industry as registered users. To terminate your registration process or close your account immediately, all the losses caused will be borne by yourself.

7. If you apply for application as a registered user on behalf of other natural persons, legal persons and other illegal organizations, you declare and guarantee that you have been authorized and have the right to make the aforementioned legal subject restricted by this agreement.

Third, use terms
1. You should keep your account information properly and be responsible for all the behaviors of the account; if you find any illegal use of your account, please immediately inform DianDian5.com.
2. When using this platform, you must ensure the requirements of the national laws and regulations and the relevant rules of the DianDian5.com. You must not use DianDian5.com to implement any violations of laws or violations of public order and customs.
3. You know and agree that the following information is prohibited from publishing on diandian5.com:
     3.1 Feudal superstition, obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, horror, or instigating crime;
     3.2 with political colors such as anti -party and anti -government and anti -people;
     3.3 Suspected fraud, false, inaccurate or misleading;
     3.4 Invading the intellectual property rights of others or involving third -party business secrets and other exclusive rights;
     3.5 Insultation, slander, intimidation, involving the privacy of others infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others;
     3.6 Degraded and slandered competitors;
     3.7 There may be malicious software, Trojan horses, crawlers such as viruses such as viruses such as viruses such as viruses, Trojan horses, crawlers and other users;
     3.8 Other violations of social public interests or public ethics, and in accordance with the relevant rules of the relevant Diandian5.com, are not suitable for publishing on diandian5.com.
     3.9 Any other information about the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations.
4. You agree and know that you should be the authenticity, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, and accuracy, and Instant, integrity, and legitimacy independently bear all responsibilities.
5. Based on the relevant characteristics of the Internet, please understand and agree that the information you posted on Diandian5.com can be browsed or traded by users located in different countries and regions around the world. If the user does not explicitly sell it for only a country or region, Diandian5.com will not interfere with the possible cross -border display, promise, and sales. In this case, users must pay attention to the stipulation of import and export control, trade restrictions and economic sanctions related laws and regulations, and ensure that they have legal rights and qualifications to publish relevant product sales information and conduct cross -border display, promise sales, and promise sales. , Sales will not constitute an infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties (including the legitimate rights and interests such as intellectual property rights). If you violate the aforementioned commitment, diandian5.com can close your account and terminate related services when discovering the above situation.
Fourth, expense description
DianDian5.com is not responsible for software, hardware, taxation, communications, network service fees and other expenses that you need to pay for using DianDian5.com.
If you choose to be a senior customer of DianDian5.com, you should pay the corresponding service fee and be constrained by the "Senior Customer Service Agreement" (please click).
5. Service suspension or termination
1. If you implement the following breach of contract, diandian5.com has the right to suspend or terminate your related services without advance notice. At the same time, diandian5.com is not responsible for any loss caused by you, and reserves the right to investigate your relevant legal responsibility:
     1.1 If unauthorized use of other natural persons, legal persons or personal or business licenses, etc.
     1.2 Registration information is inconsistent with the actual information or not updated in time;
     1.3 Release information on dianDian5.com or use dianDian5.com to send duplicate information;
     1.4 Acts to interfere with DianDian5.com's benign market competition order, such as: without request or authorization to send a lot of information to other users to other users; DianDian5.com agree to the account for sale or authorization of the use of use;
     1.5 Invading intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others;
     1.6 Plan to destroy, attack the completeness of the DianDian5.com system, the network, or try to illegally invade the DianDian5.com system and the network;
     1.7 Use or provide any computer virus, camouflage destruction program, computer worm, timing program bomb or other destructive program that contain any system, data or personal data;
     1.8 Entering or reasonable activities to engage in fraud;
     1.9 Other behaviors related to national laws and regulations, rules and regulations, and dianndian5.com.
2. In order to meet the needs of e -commerce and meet the needs of high -quality services for high -quality services, you understand and agree, diandian5.com has the right to follow the requirements of national laws and regulations, rules and regulations, and DianDian5.com to form a breach of contract against you Reasonable judgment. Once you are identified as a breach of contract, diandian5.com has the right to take appropriate penalties for you, including but not limited to temporarily or permanently close the account, and the relevant service costs will not be refunded and waited for punishment measures. The loss caused by any responsibility.
6. Disputes and complaint handling
1. If you have disputes with other users (including suppliers, buyers or other third parties) on diandian5.com (including but not limited to product quality disputes, trade disputes, intellectual property disputes, etc.), you or third parties No party has the right to choose the following ways to solve:
     1.1 Counseling with the controversy;
     1.2 Complaint with diandian5.com;
     1.3 Complaint with relevant administrative departments;
     1.4 The arbitration agreement reached by the controversy (if.) The arbitration agency is requested to arbitration;
     1.5 Filte in the court;
     1.6 Other ways you and the controversy are recognized.
2. If you choose to complain to diandian5.com, it means that you recognize and accept Diandian5.com as an independent third party, based Permanent closure of accounts, diandian5.com, and paid service fees will not be refunded). At the same time, DianDian5.com has the right to independently decide whether to participate in the dispute.
3. If you are a dispute or controversy, diandian5.com has the right to understand the situation from the telephone, email and other methods, and notify the dispute with the situation you know. After receiving our notice, you provide the corresponding information within the specified time to understand and deal with the disputes and complaints. Or whether the payment requirements are established and make a decision that is unfavorable to you.
If the request of the user's payment is determined by DianDian5.com, you should pay the payment in time. At the same time, if your behavior constitutes a breach of contract at the same time, diandian5.com also has the right to adopt the relevant rules of the platform or the written agreement you signed before, which is not limited to the suspension or termination of your related services, rejecting you again in any form again Measures such as registering or using diandian5.com, and no refund for related expenses.
4. You understand and agree that because diandian5.com is not a professional judicial institution, we have limited ability to identify the evidence and the ability to deal with disputes. Decisions fully meet your expectations, and do not bear any responsibility for the decision.
If you are not satisfied with the processing decision, you still have the right to take other disputes to resolve disputes, but before other disputes are made, you should first accept or fulfill the decision by DianDian5.com.
If the final decision is inconsistent with the decision made by Diandian5.com, you agree to exempt you from the loss made by DianDian5.com.
Seven, responsibility restrictions
1. Diandian5.com does not assume the corresponding default liability for platform service to perform obstacles, fulfill the defects, delayed or fulfill the content of the content of the following reasons. Land reduction may cause you losses:
     1.1 Factors such as natural disasters, strikes, riots, war, government behavior, judicial administrative order and other force majeure factors;
     1.2 Due to the failure of the power supply and the particularity of the Internet, including hackers, interruption of Internet connectivity or system failure, the impact of technical adjustment of the telecommunications sector, and the temporary shutdown caused by government control factor;
     1.3 DianDian5.com conventional or emergency equipment and system maintenance, equipment and system failure, network information and data security.
2. You know that there is a large amount of information published by users (including but not limited to text, pictures, videos, external links, etc.) on diandian5.com. This information may have certain risks and flaws. We have passed laws, regulations and related rules. Requires the establishment of a relevant information release system to ensure your legitimate rights and interests and a good experience in Diandian5.com. But please understand and agree that due to the characteristics of information separation from the real object in the network environment, DianDian5.com cannot review it one by one as a network platform, and it is difficult to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, security and legitimacy of this information, so you should be cautious. To judge the information on diandian5.com, and independently bear the risk of using DianDian5.com, we are not responsible for the loss caused by you.
If you find any unreal, inaccurate, unsafe, and illegal information on diandian5.com, you are welcome to contact us at any time (please click), we will process this information in time.
3. You agree to promote the company, products and other information on all the platforms or social media (including the existing or may be created in the future), and agree that we are not changing what you provide. In the case of the substantive content of the information, it is exempted from any legal responsibility caused by the information.
4. You agree and know that the product information (forms include text, pictures, videos, and platform links) published on Diandian5.com, and ensure that the laws and regulations of China and product sales destinations/regions are in line with the requirements of China and product sales. If the aforementioned information you posted in China and product sales destinations/regions are illegal and illegal, all penalties and losses caused will be borne by you and have nothing to do with DianDian5.com. If the aforementioned situation causes losses to diandian5.com, you should also pay all compensation. The scope of compensation includes but not limited to the direct loss of DianDian5.com, indirect losses, and lawyers' fees, transportation expenses, notarization fees, notarization expenses, notarization fees, Reasonable expenses such as translation fees.
5. DIANDIAN5.com is not responsible for losses caused by users for using DianDian5.com, nor does it guarantee the service effect. Or all other losses, diandian5.com does not bear legal responsibility, even if it is told in advance the possibility of damage. If you are dissatisfied with part or all services provided by DianDian5.com, you have the right to stop using these services.
6. In view of the different regulations of the laws, regulations, and policies of different countries, diandian5.com will use technical means to avoid information that violates the information of the law, regulations, and policies that lead to violations of national laws, regulations, and policies. When visiting or using diandian5.com, the display or provision of information or services may be slightly different. The behavior does not constitute a default of diandian5.com, and DianDian5.com does not bear any responsibility.
7. In the process of using users, any claims, requirements, litigation, losses, losses, losses, and damages caused by any laws and regulations, the relevant rules of the platform or the right to violate the third party (the platform's relevant rules or the right to infringe the third party ( In terms of actual, special, and consequences), whether it is known or unknown, including reasonable lawyers' fees, users agree to compensate us and their employees, owners and agents and cause them to avoid damage.
8. Intellectual property
1. DianDian5.com respects and protects the intellectual property rights of others, and users are not allowed to publish or disseminate any information that possible infringement. If you implement relevant infringements, you should independently assume the legal liability for this. At the same time, diandian5.com has the right to take certain penalties to you, and please refer to the "Rules for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights" (please click).
2. For the text, pictures, videos, audio and other information formed by you provided, publishing, and using information, pictures, videos, audio and other information formed when using dianDian5.com, none of the transfer of the rights of intellectual property rights and portrait rights due to uploading and publishing behaviors will be. Essence At the same time, within the scope of law, you grant us free of charge to enjoy irrevocable, non -exclusive and complete permits (including storage, use, replication, revision, editing, display, display, translation, distribution, distribution, distribution The above -mentioned information or production derived works, in the form of known or future development, the media or technology, incorporate the above information into other works, etc.), then licensed the use, and the right to obtain evidence and litigation on third -party infringement behaviors and litigation.
3. All the information published on diandian5.com (including but not limited to text, logo, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software, web design, trademarks). Or the information provider owner. It is protected by the China and International Copyright Law; all the contents of all sorting, arrangement, typesetting, and assembly on this platform are our property and are protected by China and International Copyright Law. All systems and softwares on this platform are our property and are protected by China and International Copyright Law. In addition to the laws of compulsory law, no unit or individual may be copied, reprinted, referenced, link, grasp or use other ways to use the aforementioned information or property in any way without our special written consent. Otherwise, otherwise We have the right to investigate its legal responsibilities.
9. Data security protection
1. DianDian5.com prohibits any measures or means to avoid the security measures or security strategies set by the platform to set the technical service settings, including but not limited to the prohibition of records, crawling or other illegal, unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, non -compliant, unsatisfactory, other illegal, other illegal, other illegal, other illegal, other illegal, other illegal, other illegal or unsatisfactory. Method acquisition technology
Various data in the service; prohibit the sending and storage of viruses, worms, Trojan, and other harmful computer code, files, scripts, and programs; prohibit the use of technical services to publish, transmit, spread, and storage to infringe intellectual property rights of others intellectual property rights Business secret
The content of legal rights such as secret rights, or illegal and criminal activities such as fraud, stealing other people's accounts, and funds.
2. Except for the data that you have the right to use commercial use in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations or the relevant rules of DianDian5.com, users agree not to any other data on diandian5.com (including all the technical services obtained through Diandian5.com technical services
Proceeds) for commercial use, including but not limited to using any information or information displayed on DianDian5.com without the written permission of DianDian5.com.
3. DianDian5.com will establish a reasonable big data security analysis system in its network system to ensure the security of the platform and users. But please understand and agree that due to the continuous development of science and technology, related technical means are constantly being updated.
France to prevent all non -security factors, but we will do our best to maintain the security of the network and related data.
4. For example, after judging by diandian5.com security system, your user data has a certain relationship with other user data with other unsafe factors (such as the company name, contact address, contact person, mailbox, IP address, cookies, etc.), Diandian5.com has the right to directly close your account, and all the consequences of the loss will be borne by yourself. Please know and agree that because the big data security analysis system involves the core business secrets of diandian5.com, when taking the aforementioned measures, Diandian5.com has no obligation to disclose specific judgment logic to users.
10. Application, jurisdiction and others
1. The establishment, change, execution, and interpretation of this agreement, and the resolving disputes related to this agreement shall apply the laws of the People's Republic of China. If a specific matter related to this agreement lacks clear legal provisions, it shall refer to the general international business practices and industry practices.
2. If any of the clauses in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or not executive, the remaining terms of this agreement continue to be effective and binding.
3. Due to this agreement or DianDian5.com service or any controversy related to it, we will be associated with you firstly; when negotiation cannot be achieved, we should filed a lawsuit with the people's court where the defendant is located.