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       Different from the domestic market, foreign trade customers are far away from thousands of miles, especially for SMEs, foreign trade sales are not realistic, and sales, time, and personnel costs are too high. Marketing methods, with the continuous development of online science and technology, online sales have a pivotal position in foreign trade activities. For more than 10 years, we have been engaged in foreign trade network promotion services, and have a lot of online marketing practical experience and technical accumulation to better serve us We have created a comprehensive foreign trade service platform of DianDian5.com.
       Excellent foreign trade elites cannot be separated from the two words "diligence". If we want to do a good job of foreign trade business, we must publicize our product information. The wider the information covers the overseas network, the greater the opportunity to get foreign customers' orders. Over the years, we have been maintaining good business cooperation with well -known foreign search engines such as Google, Yahoo, YANDEX, BING, etc., and publishing product information on this site can get a good collection and ranking, so that more overseas consumers can know and choose us to choose us The product.
       New and old friends from the foreign trade industry are welcome to release English product information on this site (free members can publish 30 information). Promotion and promotion of products on this site has a better chance to obtain search engines such as Google Overseas customers know our products. The wider the product information we use on the Internet, the opportunity to inquire about customer inquiry than our peers, and upgrade the VIP membership of this site to enjoy more product release. us.
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