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常见问题(common problem):


Q:How to register members on this website?
:进入网站首页“http://www.diandian5.com”,点击左上角注册按钮“Join Free”进入注册页面,填写验证码进入下一步选择公司”或者个人”,请填写真实有效的资料提交注册。之后注册邮箱会收到一条激活邮件,进入邮箱点击邮件中的激活链接激活账号即可。
Q:Go to the homepage of the website“ http://www.diandian5.com/ ”, click the registration button "Join Free" in the upper left corner to enter the registration page, fill in the verification code to enter the next step to select "Company" or "Individual", please fill in the true and valid data to submit for registration. After that, the registered mailbox will receive an activation email. Enter the email and click the activation link in the email to activate the account.

Q: How to publish products, news, exhibitions and other information on this website?
答:首先点击网页左上角“Please login”按钮进行登录,登陆后可以看到左上角“Member Center”按钮点击进入,接着点击页面导航条上的“Info manage”,在需要发布的信息后面点击“Publish”进入发布界面,按要求详细填写资料以后提交即可,新发布的信息通过审核后即可显示。
A: First click the "Please login" button at the top left corner of the page to log in. After logging in, you can see the "Member Center" button at the top left corner and click to enter. Then click "Info management" on the navigation bar of the page. Click "Publish" after the information to be published to enter the publishing interface. Fill in the information in detail as required and submit it. The newly published information can be displayed after it is approved.

Q: What should I do if I forget my login password?
答:点击网站首页“http://www.diandian5.com/”左上方“Forgot Password”按钮进入密码找回页面,然后选择使用“注册邮箱”或者“寻求客服帮助”的方式找回密码。
A: Click the homepage of the website“ http://www.diandian5.com/ ”The "Forgot Password" button on the upper left enters the password retrieval page, and then chooses to retrieve the password by using the "registered mailbox" or "customer service assistance" method.

Q: Where do foreign traders go to study and exchange?
A: If you need to communicate and learn with us, you can go to our website“ http://bbs.diandian5.com ”There are various columns in the forum, You can find the content you need in the forum and exchange your experience with the foreign trade partners in the forum.

Q: How to solve the problem of limited number of products released by free members?
A: Free company members of this site can publish 50 free product information, and the number of other information such as news, exhibitions, brands and so on is also 50. If you need to publish more information after using the free quota, you can contact the website customer service to upgrade VIP members, and members can publish a lot of information after upgrading successfully. The number and display effect of Google and other search engines will be better.

Q: What is the appropriate size of the uploaded image on this site?
答:本站 上传图片限制300KB以内(节约服务器资源和更快的打开速度),发布产品主图建议尺寸800×800px,详情页里面的详情页建议宽度800px左右。发布新闻、问答内容插图建议宽度600px。
A: Uploaded images on this site are limited to 300KB (saving server resources and faster opening speed), and the recommended size of the main product image is 800 × 800px, the recommended width of the detail page in the detail page is about 800px. The recommended width of illustrations for news release and Q&A content is 600px.