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About us
       As a comprehensive service platform for cross -border trade, DianDian5.com is committed to digging business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers to promote one -stop services to promote international trade between the two parties. In the past few years, DianDian5.com has become one of the popular international trade websites.
       Diandian5.com currently has more than 5,000 product columns, more than 80 million pieces of product information in more than 50 industries, and an increase of more than 10 million pieces each year. In addition, in response to the different purchasing needs of different buyers, DianDian5.com updates the latest product information of its own manufacturer in real time.
       Diandian5.com has been committed to helping Chinese corporate marketing and promotion services over the years, integrating overseas advantage Internet search engines and social resources such as Google, Yandex, Bingex, Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedln, etc., help companies carry out online foreign trade business, and achieve overseas localized marketing. Let Chinese manufacturing go to the world to get more overseas orders.
       Our purpose: Let more small and medium -sized enterprises simpler global trade, allow more high -quality products made in China to the world.
       Welcome to our foreign trade forums and foreign trade partners to exchange:http://bbs.diandian5.com/